Simple salad after my aerobics class - mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, eggs, yellow carrots and cucumbers with a herbed yoghurt dressing. Not a supermarket bought salad today! #myfood
Peanut butter banana oatmeal with more bananas, almonds and caramelized buckwheat groats. #myfood
😋😋😋 #myfood
Bananas, prunes, yoghurt and muesli. These prunes were from my aunt’s garden and we had so many of them that they had to be made into jam. Seems like everyone was making jam with fruits from their gardens because the special jelly sugar was completely sold out. #myfood
I never get bored of my salads - mixed greens, radish, apples, celery in a herbed yoghurt dressing. #myfood
Oooooh this was so good!! Yoghurt with granola, bananas, walnuts, caramelized buckwheat groats and a drizzle of honey #myfood
One more because I think they’re my best batch so far 😍 #myfood
Got lost and ended up cycling for an hour today (echt vervelend!!!!!). Anyway this is another supermarket salad - I tend to neglect cooking when I’m really busy with school, oooops. Chicken, mixed greens, red pepper, carrots and a pineapple, cherry, orange juice. #myfood
Good morning Sunday! Going back to a basic fruit and yoghurt breakfast today. Today marks one week since I’ve settled into my new apartment in Holland, and I miss my family and friends in Singapore already. #myfood
After - warm juicy nectarines, mixed nuts, raisins, oatmeal and cinnamon. It’s Friday!!!!!! #myfood
Before - what’s on my wooden board, ready for breakfast #myfood
Nectarines on peanut butter on wholegrain rice crackers. Snacking is all I do when I’m on the laptop the whole day. #studentproblems #myfood
Mushroom tomato soup with two whole grain rice crackers. I love these little puffed rice and rye crackers. #myfood
Always snacking!! 😛 Buckwheat oatmeal bars with cashew, peanut butter and cranberries. Baked them a month back and stored them in the freezer!! #myfood
Did a morning run to get my nut haul this morning because I’m gng back to Amsterdam soon! You can get nuts and dried fruits on level 3 of Albert centre (behind Bugis st market) and it’s cheaper than NTUC #myfood